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About Us

Who we are

Founded in 2012, Gill Summer Ltd is a global focused commercial consultancy specialising in strategy and risk management, due diligence and non-litigious dispute resolution.

In the last few years we have built a network of contacts and a team that has an extensive knowledge of supporting companies and foreign investors.  We are deeply committed to unearthing Africa’s business potential with the aspiration and goal of uniting Africa’s finest natural produce. This has been achieved by select a variety of industries and then:

  • Developing their start-up models,
  • Supporting them to define their investment strategies,
  • Implementing valid assessments
  • Obtaining funding, which goes hand in hand with developing a financial and operational plan.

We care for and value our clients and our contractors. It is our hope that we at Gill Summer Ltd continue the year-to-year growth – as it has resulted in our expansion into other sectors

Ours Goals

As a growing company, we are extremely passionate about future growth, we are always keeping an eye out for new opportunities and will continue to work with those that share our vision of ‘bridging the gap between the rest of Africa and the world’.

  • We take pride in building relationships with those who know the true meaning of hard work and dedication and thrive off the challenge of growing their business from scratch and successfully transforming it into global success and recognition.
  • Our good reputation stems from our ability to continuously build professional client relationships – through our skills in project delivery, and our proven track record of successfully delivering as team leaders and coordinating on several key projects, (one of which was working alongside governments.)
  • We have combined our ground knowledge and deep analytical research with many years of operational experience providing support to the needs of businesses.

We are proud to be able to develop and launch our own projects and ventures across Africa and other emerging markets.

- @GillSummerGS

Bridging the gap between the rest of Africa and the world.